Practical Ways to Improve your Bottomline :The Eight Lean Wastes – Elizabeth Were

How much of your day-to-day activities at work create value? What are the most common ways your business creates waste/inefficiencies? This hands-on session will open your eyes to the eight (8) wastes and the impact on your company’s ability to generate income and how this impacts your profits. This session will help you learn how everyone’s actions (or lack of action) affects your business’s ability to make money. Content: 1. Value and non value added activities in your business. 2. The Eight Lean Wastes 3. Q &A Benefits: 1. Gain a fresh, deeper and insightful perspective of your operations/ workflows [...]

Linking Processes to Customers Needs – Rosslyn Sadia-Mutahi

Organizations want to spend time on activities that meet customer needs. This customer focus saves time and money. Let’s be practical about how you can be more customer focused and more profitable. In this session, we will cover: Customer needs and expectations; The voice of the customer; and Using feedback to improve your service or product offering. Participants can expect to identifying ways to better serve their clients.

Lean Thinking in the Age of AI – Paul Obiero

Join us for the emerging discussion on how to leverage Lean Thinking and AI to optimize processes for operational efficiency, deliver exceptional customer value, and accelerate time-to-market. Discover practical strategies and real-world examples that will help you transform your business for the digital age. The session will cover: Core principles of Lean Thinking Overview of AI technologies and their potential applications in Lean context How to identify areas of waste, variation, and overburden in processes using Lean and AI techniques Strategies for eliminating waste, reducing variation, and balancing workloads to achieve operational efficiency and customer value Case studies and examples [...]



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