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Got the industry’s best talent but still struggling, It’s not about who, find out more…

Exclusive Workshop from Two Expert Lean Consultants

When: 23 November, 2023
Venue: Sarova Panafric, Nairobi.

You hire better people, you get better results

At least that’s what we’ve been told for so long. However, business isn’t that simple. It’s not like hiring great talent doesn’t work, but its results aren’t predictable.

Results vary with each employee, regardless of how high-quality they seem to be when you’re first hiring them.

What’s causing the enigma of organizations with top talent but disappointing results?

Talent Isn’t The Only Ingredient Required For Success

Talent-rich teams have been shown to underperform in lots of circumstances. Look at General Magic. Founded in 1990, General Magic was a spin-off from Apple and aimed to create a handheld personal communicator.

It had some of the best talent in Silicon Valley, including Andy Hertzfeld (a key member of the original Apple Macintosh team) and Tony Fadell (later known as the “father of the iPod”).

Despite the talent and an early vision of the smartphone era, the company was almost too far ahead of its time. The technology ecosystem wasn’t ready, and General Magic folded without achieving significant success.

What Kills Talent-Rich Companies

I can’t say for sure what causes these companies to fold. However, I have seen one intervention make a difference in these situations: Lean Thinking and Practice

While having top talent is a prized asset for any organization, how that talent is managed, nurtured, and harnessed remains paramount. To truly leverage the capabilities of your team, it’s essential to create a conducive environment where talent can thrive. But this equation is incomplete without redefining our approach to training.

If each of your teammates is highly effective but works in a different fashion, this will lead to underperformance.

Strategy and execution are the missing pieces of this united team.

Get your team pointed in the same direction (strategy) and then teach them how to do it all in a way that harmonizes with each other (execution).

It helps to hire for talent and role-fit, but you need to learn how to train and shift your team into the right mindset.

Join The Revolution With SORTAgile: Gain Clarity.

Training needs a revamp. It’s not about doing tasks; it’s about improving them.

While having the best talent is crucial, the way that talent is managed, nurtured, and harnessed is equally vital.

At SORTAgile, we encourage organizations to invest time and resources in understanding and improving their ‘HOW’ to unlock their team’s full potential.

Management thinking, behavior, and staff routines are critical for continuous learning, adaptation, and innovation. It helps to conceptualize it as a system with a trickle-down effect. This gives business a more scientific approach for process improvement.

Months of research and years of consulting have shown us that there’s a single mindset that separates companies who align their talent well to companies who fold despite having top-tier employees.

SORTAgile created this training to help companies shift their management thinking and habits. This is a roadmap for repairing business culture so you can increase productivity, employee engagement and peak customer satisfaction.

The general public isn’t aware of these concepts… but they should be. These are engineering concepts that businesses all over the world use.

New frameworks come and go but the essence of continuous improvement is always going to be here.

Once you learn how to recognize each of the 8 lean wastes, you won’t but help seeing them everywhere. You will also learn how to effectively eliminate them.

And to make sure you succeed; you’ll have access to two expert instructors who have assisted other organizations in implementing these changes. That advice alone will save you weeks or months of mistakes.

3 Clear and Immediate Action Steps By the End of This Workshop

To make sure of this, SORTAgile is throwing in a complimentary group coaching session where we will apply concept learnt to your business and determine where the best opportunities are.

Who Should Attend

Calling all leaders!
Operations and Finance Managers.
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, grow, and connect.

Leading a team, This is for you!


Lean Experts

Andrew Parris: PHD MIT, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Gwendo Achieng’ Were (formerly Elizabeth) – Lean Six Sigma Black Belt & Certified Business Process Manager.

Lean Workshop Outline


What's Covered

Lean Thinking Principles and History

Process and Customer Requirements

Process Energiser Simulation

This engaging, hands-on simulation teaches practically the different types of problems found in processes and simple ways to improve them. The simulation is run twice. The simulation teaches the importance of improving the process, rather than blaming people for poor performance.

What is a process and why processes are important

Process Excellence

8+ 1 Types of Muda Waste

Seven Ways to Improve Processes

Toyota Kata

Applying the Learning

Leading a team? This is for you!

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