Facilitator: Elizabeth Were. Business Process Improvement Lead – Certified BPM and LSS (Black Belt).

Lean is a way working that delivers value with fewer resources and is focused on the elimination of wastes, increasing productivity and staff well being.

This course begins with teaching the basic principle of lean thinking, which is to make sure every step added to a process adds value to it. Our course will help you understand how to identify snags in your workflow and deliver better customer service for both internal and external customers. It covers tools, best practices, and tips for improving the efficiency of your workflow by simplifying processes and eliminating wastes. We will also help you understand how to establish creative workflows while finishing on time and budget, manage project changes from start to finish, and create killer deliverables with solid planning.

Add this unique course to your training plan to help your team learn the skills and techniques they need to boost performance, reduce unnecessary work, and meet customer requirements. This course teaches essential skills that help teams work smarter by eliminating waste while boosting performance and quality of deliverables, supporting the overall success of the business.

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Prerequisites:  None but High Performance Team Master Class Recommended.

Who should attend: Individuals or teams interested in learning and applying basic lean principles to increase business performance

Price: From $800/per team, $120/person (minimum class of 8)

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