Embark on a transformative journey to unlock the hidden potential within your daily work activities and revolutionize the efficiency of your business. This hands-on session is designed to provide a critical understanding of the eight types of wastes that may be silently eroding your company’s ability to generate income and impacting your profits.

Course Highlights:
1. Uncover the true value and eliminate non-value-added activities in your business.
2. Navigate through the intricacies of the Eight Lean Wastes for a comprehensive perspective.
3. Engage in a dynamic Q&A session to deepen your insights and address specific concerns.

Benefits That Propel Success:
1. Acquire a fresh, profound, and eye-opening perspective on your business operations and workflows.
2. Pinpoint the eight “Mudas” holding back your business’s profit potential.
3. Strategically prioritize and address critical wastes for immediate reduction or elimination.
4. Immerse yourself in a highly interactive session, ensuring active participation and lasting impact.

Seize this opportunity to revolutionize your approach, optimize efficiency, and propel your business towards unparalleled success. Your profits deserve nothing less than the transformative insights this session has to offer.

Prerequisites:  None.

Who should attend: any Staff keen on increasing their competitive advantage.

Price: US$70/Online/per person.

1 Follow up Group Coaching: Free.

Facilitator: Gwendo Achieng’ Were – Certified BPM and LSS (Black Belt). 

Committed to organizational success, Gwendo specializes in optimizing systems, processes, and staffing for accelerated growth. With 16 years of diverse sector experience, she provides remote and on-site business coaching, using lean and agile tools to deliver customized solutions. Holding Six Sigma Black Belt and Business Process Management certifications, Gwendo is the Founder and Business Process Improvement Lead at SORT Agile.

Known for empathetic listening, Gwendo collaborates seamlessly, treating your business as her own. She ensures competitive advantages through streamlined processes, efficient systems, and effective tools, navigating business complexities with a qualified team.

Recently accredited in White, Yellow, and Green Belt Trainings from the Council for Lean Six Sigma Certification, Gwendo demonstrates a commitment to high standards. Her leadership drives impactful process improvements, delivering +US$1 million/year savings by promoting Lean Six Sigma in change-averse institutions—businesses, NGOs, MFIs, and social enterprises.

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