Facilitator: Elizabeth Were. Business Process Improvement Lead – Certified BPM and LSS (Black Belt).

How much of your day-to-day activities at work create value? What are the most common ways your business creates waste/inefficiencies? This hands-on session will open your eyes to the eight (8) wastes and the impact on your company’s ability to generate income and how this impacts your profits.

This course begins with teaching the basic principle of lean thinking, which is to make sure every step added to a process adds value to it. Participants will learn practical way to improve their performance and the company’s bottom line.

Students will learn the 8 major source of inefficiencies and how they can apply them in their professional lives. This session will help you learn how everyone’s actions (or lack of action) affects your business’s ability to make money.


Prerequisites:  None.

Who should attend: any Staff keen on increasing their competitive advantage.

Price: US$70/Online/per person.

1 Follow up Group Coaching: Free.

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Add this unique course to your training plan to help your team learn the skills and techniques they need to boost performance, reduce unnecessary work, and meet customer requirements. You will gain a fresh, deeper and insightful perspective of your operations/workflows.
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