Foundation in Lean Six Sigma – Yellow Belt Certification

Learning Objective

  • Understand Lean Six Sigma foundation and principles of Quality Management

  • Explore and apply Lean Six Sigma DMAIC approach in reducing inefficiencies at your workplace.

  • Demonstrate understanding of the DMAIC approach by completing a practical improvement project at your work place.

Who should attend:

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification is aimed at staff and management new to quality management and keen to develop foundation competencies on Lean Six Sigma.  Yellow belts can be staff and executives participating in quality improvement projects that require an overview of Lean Six Sigma’s Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) Model.

Who should not attend:  This course requires participants to complete a practical project within their workplace. It is thus not advisable to register if you are looking for a quick fix theory session.

Yellow Belt Course Outline

Day 1 –   Lean Six Sigma Introduction

Interactive session on:

  • History of Lean and Six Sigma
  • Lean six sigma foundation and principles.
  • Six sigma  roles and responsibilities.
  • Team dynamics

At the end of the session you will: 

  • Identify project of focus & fill in draft project charter
  • Understand the influence of culture on operational excellence.
  • Understand the core principles of Lean Six Sigma in transforming operations.

Day 2 – Initiating Lean Six Sigma Project

Interactive session on: 

  • Voice of Customer
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Project Selection
  • Process input and output ( SIPOC)
  • Project Management: Project Charter, communication plan, project plan, tools and phase reviews

At the end of the session you will: 

  • Define Project goals and project stakeholders
  • Explore and use voice of Customer to define goals.
  • Develop project charter.

Day 2 – Basics: measurement and data analysis

Interactive session on: 

  • Basics statistics
  • Data collection
  • Measurement system
  • Gauge repeatability and reproducibility

At the end of the day you will: 

  • be able to perform basic data collection activities, using appropriate tools and techniques
  • be able to apply basic statistics and calculations (mean, median mode, identification, and calculating).
  • understand the significance of data integrity and
  • be able to benchmark and set process baseline

Day 4 – Identifying wastes/Inefficiencies

Interactive session on: 

  • Process analysis: value analysis and Failure Mode Effect Analysis
  • Root cause analysis: 5whys, process mapping, force field, matrix chart
  • Data analysis: Basic Distribution types, common and special cause variation
  • Gauge repeatability and reproducibility
  • Correlation and regression

At the end of the day you will: 

  • Define how value analysis and FMEA can be used to eliminate waste.
  • Describe and distinguish between common and special cause variation.
  • Will have a fundamental understanding of root cause analysis (RCA).

Day 5& 6 – Implementing and sustaining Improvements

Interactive session: 

  • Kaizen and Kaizen Blitz
  • Toyota Kata
  • PDCA
  • Cost Benefit Analysis.
  • Control Plan
  • Control Documentation: Control chart/3 S Health Card.

At the end of the session you will: 

  • be able to use kaizen/toyota kata/ pdca  to initiate improvements at workplace.
  • Test hypothesis/ record result.
  • be able to apply cost benefit analysis in selecting improvement target areas.
  • Establish and document improvement controls including team, value stream, financial results.
  • Iterate improvement approach in atleast one new area
  • Pass theoretical examination.

Day 7 – Review of Practical Project

You will 

  • Present your project findings, challenges and key lessons learn.
  • Review and provide critical feedback to other participants.

At the end of the session you will: 

  • Have confidence in initiating and sustaining improvements.
  • Build a network of quality professional.
  • Receive yellow belt certification.

Yellow Belt Course Fees

KES 120,000Existing/Past Clients: Upto 15% discount.
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