Lean Six Sigma is an enhancement technique that identifies and eliminates errors in any business process, and reduces wastage of time and resources.

Today, quality management practices are at the forefront to meet rapidly changing customer needs and complex compliance requirements. Companies across the globe are deploying process improvement programs into their organizational structure and have found immense benefits including organizational efficiency, reduced costs, increased revenues, and process excellence.

Lean Six Sigma Consultants

Lean Six Sigma is one such methodology, that offers great insight into the world of quality management which in turn improves business critical processes to attain better results.

SORT offers a wide range of globally-recognized Lean and lean six sigma engagements that can be customized as per business requirements.  All certification will be certified by International Association of Six Sigma, the only third party recognized certifier in the Industry.

Lean Six Sigma Organizational Structure

Lean Six Sigma Organizational Structure

At it’s core Lean Six Sigma revolves around the following key principles:

  • Focus on attributes most important to your customer

  • Stable operations: Ensure consistent and predictable processes to reduce variation of what customer experiences or sees.

  • Understand how work is done, by who and for how long (value stream).

  • Identify and remove non value added activities and wastes.

  • Focus on areas of operations that are causing problems and fix these problems.

  • Keep processes simple to enable faster movement of operations/tasks.

We offer on-site corporate training. Key benefits:

  • Expertise to your location: Saves time and travel expenses

  • Customizable courses: Lean six sigma green belt training is tailored to specific needs of your institution.

  • Immediate results: Employees apply expertise to actual problems.

  • Value added support: Instructors available to do monthly follow ups

Learn more about our different trainings and certifications:

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