Better and Faster Workflows Master Class

Increase efficiency, productivity, and teamwork in 120 days!

In this digital age, teams need the right skills to deal with tough challenges and uncertainties. Whether they are working remotely or on-site, you can help your team to deliver high-quality work. In many organizations, balls are dropped and the responsibility to pick them up is left to management. This course seeks to identify high-performance gaps in your team. It challenges mindsets and equips team members with habits that will ensure higher productivity.

The Better and Faster Workflows Course delivers a practical framework for assessing and managing your team’s performance. It helps your team to understand the Process as a foundation for effective teamwork, high performance, and cost-cutting. It lays bare the eight lean wastes through which you can identify workflow inefficiency, establish  better workflows, and prevent recurring inefficiencies.

Current and past participants have the opportunity to get to the root cause of their inefficiencies. By identifying problems at the source and learning from them, they have identified lasting solutions to recurrent problems.

Low productivity costs employers up to USD 1.8B annually: Hubspot Study

That’s right. Low productivity is costly. It may also be the greatest hindrance to your business growth.

When your employees do not use their skills and competencies to the maximum, a breeding ground is created for workplace conflicts, politics, missed deadlines, and sky-rocketing operational costs.

The signs of a low-performing team are all too clear. Team members deliver tasks last minute leading to mistakes, panic, and stress. A lot falls through the cracks. And there’s very little time to fix errors, improve delivery and deal with any unexpected issues that may arise.

Such teams fail to produce their best work causing a ripple effect all the way to the customer. Customers who are unhappy with the team’s deliverables eventually stop coming back and employees become disengaged. Before long, team members start looking for better opportunities elsewhere and you’re left scouting for talent instead of focusing on your core business needs.

On the other hand, highly productive teams communicate effectively, stay committed to goals and deliver desirable results consistently. They get more work done in less time. And they get it right the first time. No reworks.

As a result, the organization can achieve quality outputs and record higher profits. If you want to get ahead of your competitors, take your team to the next level.

Start your journey with the Better and Faster Workflows Program


  • Up-skill staff to develop and continually demonstrate effective habits of high-performing individuals and teams

  • Facilitate teams to discover the inefficiencies costing the business/ organization revenue, and how to remedy them.

  • Eliminate time-wasting bottlenecks that are preventing individuals and teams from accomplishing personal and organizational goals.

  • Simplify and integrate lean improvement techniques within a team.


  • Have Clear and specific job descriptions with aligned personal development and operational KPIs. The roles will be matched to individual capabilities and learning opportunities.

  • Understand Process as a foundation for effective teamwork, high performance, and cost-cutting: participants will  able to spot efficiency opportunities in your team, define and measure Process and establish workflows.

  • Identify workflow inefficiency through the 8 lean wastes: This will enable you to rethink how to increase profit by distinguishing between value and non-value added and eliminating inefficiencies.

  • Stop recurring inefficiencies. Through Root Cause Analysis, you’ll increase your capability to identify problems at the source, learn from them and devise lasting

  • Establish improved standards and execute improvements: Design improved processes and Key Performance Indicators

  • Experiment toward the new standard:  continuous improvement, innovation will be part of staff and management routine, ensuring continual improvement of business results.


ModulesMilestones Interactive Learning Assignments and Deliverables
Module 1Establish High Performance Team Gaps and GoalsUnderstanding Internal CustomerEmployee identifies key areas for personal improvement
Characteristics of High Performing EmployeesSupervisor discusses and approves KPIs for personal development
Review Capability Assessment Results for the team
Road Map to Mastering Responsibilities
Module 2Understanding Process as foundation for effective team work, cost  saving and high performanceEfficiency opportunities in the department/team/projectSelect Candidate Process
Defining a ProcessDocument high level and detailed process
Measuring Process: Customer Quality requirements
Establishing the workflows: Process Mapping
Performance Improvement Team
Module 3Gain Capability to Identify Inefficiencies in workflowsRethink how to increase profit.Select inefficiencies to tackle first – least time, more benefit, least resources?
Distinguish Value and Non Value Added ActivitiesIdentify the top waste in each of the process step ( detailed process map)
The Eight Lean Wastes
Mapping and Analysing the Eight Lean Wastes
Module 4Stop recurring inefficiencies through root cause analysis ( Solve a problem once).Root cause analysis  ( 5 Whys/ Cause and Effect Diagram)Root cause of inefficiencies document and confirmed.
Solutions identified and prioritized
Module 5Develop/Design Improvement ProcessesDeveloping simple, practical and effective processesNew/improved Process Developed and measuring unit determined/established.
Digital transformaitonImprovements with automation and those to be implemented without technology prioritized
Module  6Establish improved standards and execute improvementsToyota Kata – habits towards goalsWeekly experiments: solution executed, automation and optimization done, outcome and impact on efficiency gains recorded
Module 7Updating processes, procedures and KPIsN/AProcedures manual updated, KPIs developed and approved.
Module 8Celebrate, Learning and RepeatPresentation and Review of results.


  • Biweekly online sessions: Live interactive sessions will ensure the full participation of every team member. Participants will be introduced to new concepts followed by practical problem-solving.

  • Assignments: After each live session, participants will implement the concepts learned when they get back to work. The assignment ranges from defining individual high-performance habits to group discussions where they can identify and review the Process.

  • Group coaching: Participants will have a chance to review and discuss assignments.

  • Manager/Supervisor Coaching: Team leads especially those with limited people and process orientation will get one-on-one coaching. Here, they will acquire the skills needed to effectively lead an improving team.


 With the Better and Faster Workflows Master Class,

  • Your employees will be empowered with analytical skills, communication skills, and problem-solving skill

  • Within 30 days, you’ll notice an increase in high-performance habits among your staff

  • Within 60 days, you’ll notice a marked improvement in quality and time efficiencies

  • You’ll realize valuable return on your investment

Many [benefits] but probably the most important was that we saw who we could count on and who is in the wrong place (e.g. xxx – wrong place, xxxx exceptional dependable bandwidth, xxxx uninterested). With senior manager transitioning and the fast growth of the business it was necessary to quickly upscale and you helped greatly with this. In the short terms the exercises were expensive however the benefits will be felt in the medium and long term.

Most favorite part was breaking processes down to their simplest form, and then being able to discuss these with staff in simple language that people at all levels understand. Once the scope was agreed, you ‘just got on with it’.

Aftab Jivanjee, Carbacid Co2

I really like the product delivery mode; you take time to understand the challenges, strengths and weaknesses of the clients. Overall, there is improved staff performance; contributed by reviewed/clear job description, harmonized benefits for the operations team. Currently, operations team have scheduled off days with less interruptions; reduced compensatory offs. Key benefits: 1. I have saved time by delegating some work to the FSTL therefore having more time to perform management/supervisory roles i.e preparation of production reports, maintenance records being maintained by the operator/fitter, electrical repairs being done by the new operators (with electrical background.) 2. By having additional staff capacity i.e operators; the company has also saved secondment cost of approx. Kes 30,000 per month. I recommend you have a follow up sessions with an action plan, to evaluate the effectiveness of the training and track closure of the recommendations and also to avoid key recommendations being ignored.

Robert Kosgei, Plant Engineer & Supervisor, Carbacid Co2

My favorite part was it’s intuitive, practical, hands-on, well customized with tailor made solutions to suit common place work place challenges

Having acquired insightful knowledge on the categories of customers, with special focus on their different characteristics and applicable treatments for optimum elimination of inherent inefficiencies, there’s palpable change in attitude which has translated into faster turnaround in projects and diminished repeat projects.

The training was timely and right at the cusp of Sosiani’s take-off as the premier location of Carbacid’s future- in terms of Expansion in it’s Mining, Processing & Bulk Storage Of Food Grade Co2.The Capacity building of participating staff changed their outlook and transformed most into decision makers, solution thinkers and problem solvers as opposed to fence sitters and casual observers.

Most of the Sort Agile sessions were virtual and attended remotely. Despite being the norm adopted by most organizations especially post the Covid era, this mode is prone to myriads of technological hiccups that distort their quality and occasion delayed feedback & course completion. In case of any future course roll-outs-I’d suggest a cocktail of both virtual plus occasional on -site attendance by the facilitator to ELIMINATE THE SAME.

Plecidious Khimulu, Mine Administrator, Carbacid Co2

I enjoyed most the enlightening teams on efficient ways of working and minimizing losses. Employees are more productive translating to customer satisfaction through reduction of lead times. The trainings have assisted us to better manage time thus greater output per person and more productivity. I would recommend provision of course material (notes) in the future.  Allan Katana, Food Safety Team Leader

Allan Katana, Food Safety Team Leader, Carbacid Co2
My team needs this