Organization Capability Assessment

organizational assessment coaching sessions

To understand your current state of capacity we will take a critical look at all areas of your business, document gaps and recommend immediate areas of improvement:

  • Key Policies and Processes

  • Employee Engagement and Motivation

  • Enabling Culture and Values

  • Communication and Relationship Management

  • Compliance & Documentation

  • Accounting and Financial Management

Organizational Assessment Coaching Sessions

Do you need a quick and insightful bill of health for your business? Our online organizational assessment coaching sessions and gaps survey will provide you quick diagnosis of what are your main concerns through the voice of your staff.  The survey covers:

  1. Employee engagement and motivation
  2. Adherence of processes and procedures
  3. Quality of operations.
  4. Culture and Values.
  5. Communication and relationship management.
  6. Workplace safety and security

The findings will be analyzed and presented in a Performance Gaps and Recommendation Report – (powerpoint).

This package combines online survey and one on one conversation with key staff, management and key stakeholders.

This will allow you and staff to discuss in detail the  areas of review , what your goals and priorities are, the challenges you face and what improvements you would like to see in the organization.

This approach validates the online survey findings and establishes the alignment of operations, roles and responsibilities with the improved or strategy.

The findings and recommendations will be presented in either a powerpoint presentation or a detailed report. You may opt to have both.

To develop and deploy a practical and executable strategic plan, you not only need to understand your employees concerns but you must review and audit your policies, financial management and capabilities.

It is not uncommon for organizations to develop new strategies without recognizing the internal capabilities (processes), past and current financial position. This is one of the top three reasons strategies fail.

In addition to the standard package, the premium assessment includes:

  • Document and compliance Audit
  • Financial Performance Capabilities – past into the future. We recommend a minimum of past three years to identify trends.
  • Review of key operations policies and procedures.
  • Bench marking with Industry standards

A detailed report (word & pdf) will highlight key performance gaps and recommendation across the workplace environment (survey +one on one inteviews) and the Financial Management Capabilities.  Key highlights will also be presented in a power point presentation

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The organizational assessment has given more insight on the situation. The other times we have spent more money and doing strategy did not go into depth of what the challenges were, there was no staff survey. This has been different, it has been a learning session with more focus on what we need to do as a team, setting of the goals and objective, think outside the box, think critically. There was an indication that we may not be able to agree on the second objective, but we finally did.  Thank you so much of the excellent facilitation skills

E.Alu Progam Manager - , Health Social Enterprise

Liz is a strong manager- from projects to budgets to people, she wants results and impact. She strives to achieve results with high efficiency and high quality. Liz can see the big picture and keep the team on course, but also likes to dive into the details to make small adjustments along the way that pays off in better efficiency and higher impact. Over the past 10 years that I’ve worked with Liz she has embraced every challenge thrown her way- from launching products in new markets (Uganda and Ethiopia) to working with organizations with major capacity challenges, Liz thrived in complex environments. She found a way to break down challenges and address them piece by piece, clearing the way for success. Specifically, I see Liz’s strengths in evaluating organizations (institutions, businesses, NGOs) and identifying processes that can be aligned or slightly changed to maximize results. Liz clearly and honestly communicates results and recommendations.

If your company or organization is looking for honest feedback to increase results or efficiency, then Liz is your woman. Liz is a life-long learner, always stretching herself to learn new skills, new technologies, and new methodologies to solve programs.

Liz has a passion for ensuring efficiency and quality in her work and the work of her clients. She examines each process, role and project for small changes that could be made to increase quality, productivity and impact. Liz is incredibly thorough, but her recommendations are digestible solutions.

A. Davies - Planning and Performance Manager,