Executable Strategic Plan

Development and Deployment

SORT’s two phased approach to effective strategic planning includes a 2-3-day workshop coupled with deployment and execution support. 

Strategy Development Workshop

The interactive workshop will be guided by the following principles:

Clear and Inspiring Mission and Vision:  Is it easy to duplicate your vision or mission? Does it inspire your team to act? If your goals are easily adaptable to almost any organization then you need to dig deeper.  Also, your vision should be constant and meaningful reminder to all employees, so that they can see what you specifically stand for and what success will therefore look like in the future.

Align operations with strategic goals: What exactly do we need to achieve goal X?, Does this activity/project contribute to goal X? Organizations succeed when strategies and initiatives are directly linked back to goals. It is quite common though to find organizations that have great goals but still adopt initiatives that do not align with or contribute to those goals.

SMART initiatives and measures: Organizations even with great objectives and goals can easily get distracted when developing strategies and activities to implement.  If the goal is generic, it is important to stop, clarify and make the goal specific before determining the initiatives and measures.

Focus on fewer objectives and strategic initiatives: It is easy to be excited and identify a long list of  strategic objectives. Considering limited resources the fewer the objectives the higher the chances for high quality execution and business results.

Execute the strategy with consistent management routine: There are two major reasons why strategies fail. Too often the reviewing process only begins in preparation for the next strategic plan. Another reason is a lack of ownership among managers. We help you avoid these barriers with our adaptable implementation plan and deployment coaching

Strategy Deployment Support

Having a plan is the easy part, the real work will start after the strategic plan where we work hands on with you to execute your new performance improvement strategy and implement a consistent management routine.

SORT incorporates deployment plans in all its strategies to increase productivity in workplace. We recommend the PDSA (Plan Do Study Act) cycle to strategic planning.

This enableperformance improvement strategy trainings action-oriented learning where measures linked to organizational objectives are continuously implemented, with outcome measured informing the next action of the organization.  As such, the strategic goals will be easily accessible to managers and included as part of routine management meetings.

This phase includes critical training and support needed to ensure the strategic plan is understood, utilized and measured by staff -generating valuable results.

SORT has valuable expertise in strategy deployment and process improvement. The service was exemplary structured right from online survey questions, one on one discussions with my staff and workshop with management staff. The level of engagement was excellent. Elizabeth was committed to her work and managed her time very well.

A. Mwaki -Country Director, SWAP

I loved it, the simplicity and the flow, everything is connected and easy to understand. The feedback from the assessment was objective and true to what the organization is currently facing.

G. Simbiri Fouding Member, SWAP