Transforming Operations with Focus and Excellence

Every business has a vision, a goal to achieve, and a mission to accomplish.

However, not all businesses follow the right approach or have the best operations in place to turn this vision into a reality.

Are you facing any such challenges? Are your ambitions hindered by a lack of skills, ineffective processes, and outdated systems?

SORTAgile’s operational transformation services and high-performance team training courses are here to help you out. We collaborate with you to optimize and transform your operations and improve strategic capabilities to achieve desired business outcomes.

Our expert team of process and organizational transformation consultants guide, design, implement and run industry-specific programs, services, and solutions to help you revolutionize the core business operations, maximize procedural efficiencies, and optimize capital assets, ensuring that your business achieves its goals with excellence.

Transforming Operations and Enhancing Agility

No matter your company size, structure, industry, or complexity, we offer top-notch expertise to help you unleash the true potential of your team.

We work with our clients to understand the challenges they are facing in terms of their performance, operations, systems, and costs. We then offer customized solutions specific to their sector, goals, and capabilities.

Our consultants help implement practical systems and effective strategies to help leaders build high-performance teams adhering to the mission of the company. With tailored solutions and improvement tools, we aim to maximize available resources at their fingertips, no matter how limited they are.

We simplify procedures, streamline operations, and train the staff and management to identify the challenges, mitigate the risks, solve problems in their workflows, and reduce the cost of poor quality.

What to Expect from our Operations Transformation Solution?

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, gain opportunities, and tackle threats the right way, you need dynamic and evolving operations. SORTAgile can help you address these challenges by designing and implementing successful operational transformations according to the needs of your business.

Here are the primary areas we can help you achieve operational excellence:

Business Agility

In order to remain relevant and competitive in today’s marketplace, you need your business to be adaptable to the ever-changing conditions, which means that your business needs to be agile. Business agility can be achieved by implementing efficient and effective strategies, and we can help you with that. We offer you the best solutions to empower you to adapt rapidly to dynamic market opportunities and risks in a cost-effective and productive way.

Financial Performance

Financial assets are the most integral part of making a business successful. However, the incorrect way to utilize this asset can also lead to losses and damage to the business, moving you away from your business goals and desired outcomes. Therefore, high-quality financial performance is essential to keep a business up and running, and our services aim to do that for you. We offer operational transformation solutions that aim to optimize the use of assets and resources to deliver robust financial results and give you a competitive edge.


In order to make sure that a business keeps growing at the right pace, it needs to be flexible to meet the increasing demands and changing needs. You need your business to be scalable, and our services help you achieve it. We offer tailored solutions to help you expand and grow your operations efficiently without the need to add more resources, team members, or costs.

Clarity and Transparency

Two of the most important ingredients to accomplish the success you want your business to achieve are clarity and transparency. When the operations are more visible, clearer, and perceivable by the employees as well as by the customers, it gives an exceptional boost to the trust they put in you. We transform your operations with expertise so that they have enhanced visibility. This clarity will not only ensure the integrity of processes but will also enable you to predict and tackle future issues proactively.

Consistency and Certainty

With operations and processes that are streamlined, efficient, effective, and dynamic, the outcomes become remarkable and a lot closer to what you want to achieve. Our operational transformation services and solutions help deliver predictable, consistent, repeatable, reliable, and stable operational performance. As a result, you can achieve operational excellence to meet your needs and achieve your business goals.

Improved Customer Experience

No matter the industry you belong to, or the size of your business, the ultimate ambition of any business is to make sure that the customer is satisfied and has the best experience with you so that they stay loyal to your brand. To ensure this, you need to have smooth and result-driven operations and procedures that are not a hassle for your customers. We make sure that you achieve this by improving your customer experience. Our solutions are specifically designed to help you exceed internal and external customer expectations concerning quality, service, accessibility, and responsiveness while minimizing any shortcomings.

What our clients say

“Many [benefits] but probably the most important was that we saw who we could count on and who is in the wrong place (e.g. xxx – wrong place, xxxx exceptional dependable bandwidth, xxxx uninterested). With senior manager transitioning and the fast growth of the business it was necessary to quickly upscale and you helped greatly with this. In the short terms the exercises were expensive however the benefits will be felt in the medium and long term.

Most favorite part was breaking processes down to their simplest form, and then being able to discuss these with staff in simple language that people at all levels understand. Once the scope was agreed, you ‘just got on with it.”

Aftab Jivanjee. Finance and Admin Manager, Carbacid Co2

“I enjoyed most your hands on approach and in depth engagement. Yes, I have learnt & benefited individually about business process improvement, the company has benefited with improved pricing, updated underwriting documents and customer service. There has been improved turnaround times in underwriting, update and automation of proposal forms and policy documents which have improved customer service”.

Luke Munene, Deputy Actuarial Manager, The Monarch Insurance

“SORT was frank, candid and went out of their way to make the assignment as relevant and practical to NOPE as possible. Assessment of NOPE operations, dissemination of findings and recommendations to the Board and Management have resulted in: – Discussions with KRA on tax arrears, agreeing on a payment plan and ensuring that NOPE is up-to-date with PAYE – Having a strong, evidence-base for the next strategic plan – Incorporation of institutional strengthening in proposals for funding.”

Philip Mbugua, Executive Director, NOPE

“I went to the workshop with a clear idea, I needed to improve the customer experience of our service, so the workshop helped me to map the customer journey and have a better understanding of the different wastes within our value chain. Eventually we created an action plan to work on delays and extra processing that were frustrating our customers in terms of bad deliveries.”

Mimmo, E Commerce Manager, Vivo Active Wear

“I loved the Prompt objective feedback with SMART action points. You were able to breakdown huge challenges into small doable time based activities that eventually arrives at a solution. You achieved this by enabling cross-functional teams focus on solution based objectives.”

Hellen Muchira, Credit Manager, The Monarch Insurance

“Thanks to the workshop I realized we had some problems on our internal meeting structure, this was creating delays on deliverables and we were not utilizing correctly our talent, we manage to improve internal timing by changing the structure of meetings and this impacted on our customer satisfaction”

Caroline, General Manager, Nairobi Garage

“We have reduced extra motion, for example, we have developed a system to communicate with members. Also, my colleagues have taken time to reduce items from their desktop which makes it easier to retrieve documents.”

Lynn, Community Manager, Foundry Africa

Liz is a strong manager- from projects to budgets to people, she wants results and impact. She strives to achieve results with high efficiency and high quality. Liz can see the big picture and keep the team on course, but also likes to dive into the details to make small adjustments along the way that pay off in better efficiency and higher impact. Over the past 10 years that I’ve worked with Liz she has embraced every challenge thrown her way- from launching products in new markets (Uganda and Ethiopia) to working with organizations with major capacity challenges, Liz thrived in complex environments. She found a way to break down challenges and address them piece by piece, clearing the way for success. Specifically, I see Liz’s strengths in evaluating organizations (institutions, businesses, NGOs) and identifying processes that can be aligned or slightly changed to maximize results. Liz clearly and honestly communicates results and recommendations.

If your company or organization is looking for honest feedback to increase results or efficiency, then Liz is your woman. Liz is a life-long learner, always stretching herself to learn new skills, new technologies and new methodologies to solve programs.

Liz has a passion for ensuring efficiency and quality in her work and the work of her clients. She examines each process, role and project for small changes that could be made to increase quality, productivity and impact. Liz is incredibly thorough, but her recommendations are digestible solutions.

The organizational assessment has given more insight on the situation. The other times we have spent more money and doing strategy did not go into depth of what the challenges were, there was no staff survey. This has been different, it has been a learning session with more focus on what we need to do as a team, setting of the goals and objective, think outside the box, think critically. There was an indication that we may not be able to agree on the second objective, but we finally did.  Thank you so much of the excellent facilitation skills

Reflective, practical and engaging…

David Muyendo, Country Director, CBM

I had the pleasure to work with Liz in 2016, she demonstrated a strong desire to develop and train other staff. Liz has a detail knowledge on the microfinance sector and combined with her awareness of the social and cultural fabric of Ethiopia she provided me with the tools to succeed at my current role. I found her a great coach, she is a good listener and understands my concerns and fears. At the same time, she is very persistent – there is no excuse for not succeeding.

SORT has valuable expertise in strategy deployment and process improvement. The service was exemplary structured right from online survey questions, one on one discussions with my staff and workshop with management staff. The level of engagement was excellent. Elizabeth was committed to her work and managed her time very well.

Alex Mwaki, Country Director, SWAP. Kenya.

I have worked with Liz on different assignments in Ethiopia and Kenya. Each time, I was impressed with her professionalism and determination for reaching conclusive outcomes within limited time frames and resource constraints. She is the one who is not afraid to put in what it takes to achieve results. Her innate leadership quality and her ability to remain on top of situations would be hard to miss even for someone meeting her for the first time.

Rahul Bist, Founder Partner, M2i Consulting, New Delhi, India

The interaction was good and session engaging. [I] learned setting up a structure and systems for sustainability of lean in the organization

Elizabeth is an amazing person, we worked together for a short time but the lessons I learnt will last me my career. With a passion for systems development and internal process training, we moved forward with our Tanzanian project in 2016/2017 (developing mobile application for Ministry of Water and Irrigation) She is an aware manager, who knows and understands her colleagues and clients very well. This clarity has allowed her to steer us effectively and keep us focused on the task at hand.

Fabian Renuax, Program Manager, SeeSaw. Capetown

What makes us different?

  • Passion for excellence: Doing it right first time – every time.

  • We listen to understand the cornerstone habits of each organization and tailor improve-ments to make the organization more innovative, competitive and successful over time.  We endeavour to identify what really matters most to your staff to enable building a customer centric enterprise.

  • Client Value Creation: We consistently deliver value by enabling clients to become high-performance organizations and businesses. We achieve this by being responsive and rele-vant to individual clients’ needs.

  • Follow-up support: We combine training and follow-up coaching to ensure skills learnt are readily applied in improving your organizations. By working closely with clients over time, we foster clients to shift focus from the “way things have been done” to the creation of measurable customer and quality-focused processes.

  • Expect Results: With our meticulous assessment of processes, prioritizing and sustaining improvements, return on your investment is certain.

Are you ready to revamp your business operations for better efficiency, enhanced performance, and lesser cost? Contact us Now!