How to improve your performance in eight simple ways

How much of your day-to-day activities at work create value? What are the most common ways your business creates waste? This hands-on session will open your eyes to the eight (8) wastes and the impact to your company’s ability to generate income and how this impacts your profits.


Benefits of the course:

  1. Learn about and how to identify the 8 wastes “Mudas” and what to do to reduce the waste in their company 
  2. Acquire skills to identify and “add value” to your day-to-day activities. 
  3. Assess the links between your actions and the company’s bottom line, even if you aren’t in finance.

Topics for this course

5 Lessons

Understanding Process and Customer Requirements

Process, Customer Requirements and Loyalty34:52
Example of Process Improvement _ Meals per hour video6:22
Compare notes _ after watching meals/hour video5:21

Improving health of your business

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