Frontline Leadership:
Tested Ways to Increasing productivity among your employees

Are you grappling with low productivity, output, and culture as employees are working from home?

This interactive session will challenge the conventional management
approach and offer a customer and people-centric approach to engaging
and motivating your front line workers and employees.

The session will help front line managers/supervisors to review, adjust, and align their engagement approach with staff.

Our Unlock Employees Productivity online training will help you learn  how to empower your staff to deliver high-quality work regardless of whether they are working from home or on-site.


  • Understanding and appreciating the internal customers.
  • Command vs. Customer -centric Leadership
  • Individual Influence
  • Four levels of responsibilities
  • The five key questions to inspire innovation among employees.

You will Learn:

  • You will learn to lead your team, not by your presence but through simple practical steps.
  • You will empower your front line staff to deliver high quality results consistently.
  • You will build your capabilities in risk – based leadership during periods

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