Water Service Providers

Water Service Providers (WSP) are vital to the economic, social and natural wellbeing of the com-munities as they work to ensure clean and safe water is available at affordable tariff.

According to the WASREB Impact 9 report (9/2016) while varying in size and operational areas, the majority of WSPs are facing challenges including:

  • Unreliable and unpredictable service to consumers

  • Low revenue with implication on low coverage of operation and maintenance costs

  • Dilapidated infrastructure – a factor of aging and poorly maintained systems

  • High non-revenue water – an average of 43% across all Kenyan WSPs

  • Low compliance to regulations and standards

  • Disengaged staff and high staff turnover

To help WSP improve their performance, SORT has developed a capacity building framework with three key objectives:

  • Address key management priorities: Assist Water Service Providers to identify improvement priorities based on the WSP Improvement Priority Framework (this framework provides a roadmap for success).

  • Deliver financial and operational results, improve customer service, and reduce risk and non-revenue water: Water utilities have used Kuendelea Kuboresha (Continuous Improvement) to improve product quality, save millions of shillings, enhance customer service, improve morale, and reduce environmental, and safety risks.

  • Enhance continual improvement efforts: Adopt a range of powerful, yet simple methods for engaging employees in a continual improvement effort.

At the core of the framework is the call for culture change among staff and leadership of WSPs. The majority of WSPs are plagued with either disengaged or disenchanted workforces that are not motivated to deliver high quality results. On one hand staff turnover is high and on the other hand the management is disintegrated and not well coordinated. There is a need to shift the culture from one that accepts persistent and recurrent substandard performances, insisting on ‘this is the way things have been done’, to a culture that encourages continued learning and where all staff members proactively engage in identification and elimination of inefficiencies from operations.

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