Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) often struggle to set up repeatable and scalable procedures and systems to guide operations compared to larger corporations. This leads to high levels of disorganization with managers constantly fighting fires. The lack of standardized procedures leads to unempowered staff requiring daily directives from managers. Decision making is also chaotic due poor communication and feedback channels.

While SMEs are more flexible and might be able to respond to change faster, the majority of them performs below their potential due to internal inefficiencies and constrains to align to international accounting standards and government regulations, human resource and safety standards. In addition, financial institutions consider SMEs risky and thus we see continued constraint in accessing credit despite reduced interest rates. This all results in:

  • Limited ability to control daily business processes.

  • Low investment (limited access to credit).

  • Infrastructure and systems that cannot cope during scale up.

SORT’s goal is to enable SME’s to expand into new markets more efficiently and to successfully achieve triple bottom benefits: finance sustainability, social and environment impact. We combine one on one coaching of managers and ongoing performance improvement support tailored to each SME to maximize benefits.

Areas of engagement for SMEs:

  • Leadership development: Learn and adopt habits and systems that will empower your staff and free your time to focus on the critical tasks you should be doing to succeed. Learn more about our leadership coaching here.

  • Increase problem solving skills and collaboration among staff: Is your team struggling with recurring problems, participate in our Kuendelea Kuboresha events to improve cohesion among your staff, identify root causes to problems and shift the culture from firefighting to early detection and prevention

  • Standardize key procedures. You need repeatable and scalable processes to grow your business.  We help you identify the key processes critical to managing existing operations and expanding into new market. Through our coaching and training you will be able to plan and execute faster and successful development and deployment of new products to the market. By simplifying procedures, our clients also increase their compliance with investors’ requirements, accounting and government standards.

Are you considering improving your business operations and wondering how to start with limited resources? contact us today and learn how we can help you scale.

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