SORT Summaries

Five key principles for a successful strategic plan

Here are five key principles that will make you succeed in growing your organization, increase productivity and develop staff in 2018 and beyond: Understand the current state of your organization: If you want to specify the future direction of your organization, you first need to know where exactly you stand. Do this by collecting data from internal sources (staff, management) and outside organizations (suppliers, customers). Ask them and yourself: What specifically is working well and what is not? This simple but meaningful question helps identifying gaps as well as strengths in performance. By understanding the current organizational state, your strategic [...]

WASH NGO saves $0.5m through Lean Six Sigma

The client: Water and Sanitation NGO. This case study highlights how a poor performing School Water and Sanitation Project was transformed into a successful project through the implementation of process analysis and improvement techniques of Lean Six Sigma. Within six months improvement was noted in quality report, reduction in time it took to construct latrines and drill boreholes by more than 50%. At the end of the project a cost savings of over $0.5m was made, part of which was used to pay staff bonuses and increase access to additional community water points. The Challenge: In a midterm review of [...]




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