Practical Ways to Improving the Bottom Line During Crisis

Online Lean 8 Wastes Training

Facilitator: Elizabeth Were. Business Process Improvement Lead – Certified BPM and LSS (Black Belt).

Workshop outline

How much of your day to day activities at work create value? What are the most common ways your business creates waste?

This hands-on session will open your eyes to the eight (8) wastes and the impact on your company’s ability to generate income and how this impacts your profits.

Online Lean 8 Wastes Training will help you learn how everyone’s actions (or lack of action) affects your business’s ability to make money.


  • Rethinking ways to create profit.
  • Defining Value and Non Value Added Activities.
  • The Eight wastes.
  • Mapping and analyzing the 8 wastes (Case study: Fresh Produce Distributor).
  • Value Assessment  (Case Study: Home-Professionals Tech Enterprise).


  • You will identify the eight (8)  wastes “Mudas” affecting your business ability to increase profits.
  • You will prioritize critical wastes for reduction/elimination in your business.
  • You will learn how to measure and reduce the eight (8) wastes and increase your bottom line.

Who should attend: All businesses particularly those struggling with low sales and looking for alternate ways to increase the bottom line.

  • Business leaders
  • Senior operations managers with cross-functional responsibility
  • Head of departments
  • Process improvement support personnel

Prerequisites:  None.

Date: 26th August, 2020 Time: 9am – 12pm EAT

Price: KES 7000 (US$65)

Venue: Online

“I went to the workshop with a clear idea, I needed to improve the customer experience of our service, so the workshop helped me to map the customer journey and have a better understanding of the different wastes within our value chain. Eventually we created an action plan to work on delays and extra processing that were frustrating our customers in terms of bad deliveries.

E-commerce Manager , Vivo Active Wear

Thanks to the workshop I realized we had some problems on our internal meeting structure, this was creating delays on deliverables and we were not utilizing correctly our talent, we manage to improve internal timing by changing the structure of meetings and this impacted on our customer satisfaction

General Manager, Nairobi Garage
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