High Performing Habits

Facilitator: Elizabeth Were. Business Process Improvement Lead – Certified BPM and LSS (Black Belt).

Identify your team’s capabilities, leverage on their individual strengths to improve individual and team weaknesses with our High Performing Habits Master Class.

Low accountability and ownership is frustrating among team, and limits cooperation and productivity. Effectively working in teams requires each team member to understand the dynamics of groups and what it means to be a productive team player.

This learning program is for individuals and teams who want to learn about their own strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. It provides strategies for seeing patterns and interpreting the individual and team capability assessments and how to harness their high performing habits within the organization to be more effective.

We will help you understand the psychological principles that it possible for a team to thrive and how to develop the conditions required for your team to work effectively. You will also learn how to resolve internal customer issues and create a culture of high performance within your team.

Our goal is to help you achieve peak efficiency everyday while respecting and valuing each and every member of your team.

This is a ground breaking course that will shift your professional perception from being a team member to being an integral part of a high performing team.

Prerequisites:  None.

Who should attend: any Staff keen on increasing their competitive advantage.

Price: KES 5000/Online      KES 7000/Onsite   – for more than 5 participants.

Extras: High Performance Assessment and Personal/Team Development Plan: @KES 15,000/ KES 60,000 (upto 6 staff)

1 Follow up Group Coaching: Free.

“Many [benefits] but probably the most important was that we saw who we could count on and who is in the wrong place (e.g. xxx – wrong place, xxxx exceptional dependable bandwidth, xxxx uninterested). With senior manager transitioning and the fast growth of the business it was necessary to quickly upscale and you helped greatly with this.

Aftab Jivanjee, Finance and Accounts Manager, Carbacid Co2

Our goal is to help you achieve peak efficiency every single day. It will guide you toward making small but critical changes in your conversations, attitudes, and expectations. This is a groundbreaking course that can shift your professional perception from being a team member to being an integral part of a work aspiration team.

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