Non Governmental Organizations

NGOs play a unique role in providing services that are needed e.g. clean water, health education, rescue, disaster response, training and education to often marginalized communities.

Due to inefficiencies and low sustainability levels of projects, donors and governments have and continue to allocate a large portion of their contribution to market oriented approaches, resulting in very limited funding to NGOs. At the same time, there is more demand for transparency, accountability and increased impact.

The answer lies in reducing inefficiencies during the project design and implementation and ensuring continued usage of facilities and access to service after the project period ends. This can be achieved by engaging staff in an open exploration of gaps in a blame free setting. This method empowers staff to become problem solvers and risk managers. We help NGOs to:

  • Set strategic goals and align goals with operations.

  • Remain relevant to the rapidly changing needs of beneficiaries and donors.

  • Increase their ability to experiment with solutions and use data for making prompt decisions.

  • Deliver high quality service to beneficiaries on time and within budget.

Areas of Engagement:

  • Improve underperforming projects: Our detailed process assessment and analysis will identify areas for improvement. With buy-in and active engagement of executive management and relevant staff, improvements will be recorded during and after the assessment.

  • Procedure rationalization and standardization: Perhaps you are yet to standardize your procedures, or you have procedures that are not being followed. Whatever your problem, we will help you establish critical minimum processes that are acceptable to staff and follow government and industry regulations needed to help you succeed.

  • Strategy Deployment: Are you struggling with translating your goals to actual results? Are you spreading your resources too thinly to achieve and sustain impact? Or are you investing your resources in activities that are not your core business? If your goal does not translate into the expected impact, then it is probably not strategic

    We will help you clarify your strategic objectives and work with your staff and managers to translate your goals into tactical and operational plans. We will then help you institutionalize a performance management system that ensures goals are tracked and achieved at all levels.

  • Staff training and Leadership coaching: Increase problem solving and risk management capacities of your staff through our yellow belt and green belt   Lean Six Sigma training. We also provide coaching to organizations that have been recently trained and would benefit from follow-up support in implementing changes. Click here to learn more about our leadership coaching  program.

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