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Principles of Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is widely recognized as the world best approach for delivering transformation business results swiftly. It aims to create excellence for every product, process and transaction within an organisation. This evidence-based approach aims to transform business performance by improving quality, reducing costs and enhancing employee productivity. Lean Six Sigma is a powerful union [...]

History of Lean Six Sigma

In business operations, product or service variation exists on a bell/ normal curve. The concept of ‘bell curve was developed by Karl F. Gauss, a german mathematician in the 18th century. Although the term ‘six sigma’ was first used by Motorola engineer’s Bill Smith in the 1980s, as a measure of standard of product and [...]

Short term profits – Long term losses.

In the last article, we learnt that majority of companies are between 2 and 3 Sigma. Due to the low performance, the management is often under pressure to do everything they can to improve the bottom line in the shortest time possible.  Profits as quick as possible sounds great. Keep stakeholders happy and bonus for [...]

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