SORT Consultancy is at the forefront of bringing Process Improvement skills and expertise to Kenya and across Africa.


Enable businesses, NGOs and government agencies to deliver high quality services, develop impactful strategies and improve processes with fewer resources.

The Problem:

Africa as a region is enjoying immense opportunities and economic growth amid great innovations.

According to the Africa Pulse, a biannual report by the World Bank, regional growth of 2.6% is ex-pected, with Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire and Mali expected to grow by more than 5.6%.

Against the backdrop of technological innovation, service delivery in both the private and public sector has generated significant benefits to consumers and the public. In spite of these improvements, a lot of organizations across different sectors are struggling with low levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

This can be evidenced by long queues in the banking and hospital halls, the disengaged customer agent who puts a calling client on hold and forgets about it, a delivery taking 30 days instead of the stipulated 5 days, high levels of accidents in the manufacturing sector, non-revenue water of more than 40% with water utilities and more than 40% failure in interventions by NGOs.

In many organizations, operational efficiency and subsequent cost reductions come at the expense of customer experience and staff motivation.

In addition, there is a strong push for digitization of processes without a clear analysis of how the work is done.

This results in low returns for expen-sive investment in IT infrastructure and an environment of high frustration where staff is expected to work faster instead of enabling the work to move faster.

We are here to change this.

With an expert team of process and organizational change consultants, SORT implements practical systems to help leaders eliminate waste and build high performance teams to improve performance, productivity and maximize the limited resources at their fingertips. We simplify procedures and train staff and management to identify, mitigate and solve problems in their “supply chain” workflows.

Our approach entails engaging the right people across the organization to work in a disciplined and in the most purposeful way to identify gaps between how work is done and how it should be done. We tap into a large pool of continuous improvement tools to empower staff to increase customer satisfaction and reduce business risks.

To deliver service of excellence we are guided by the following:

  • Each client is unique: We undertake hands on research and analysis to understand clients needs, we experiment and tailor solutions based on clients needs.

  • We practice continuous improvement: Great results require persistence and consistency.

  • We are not afraid to do things differently.

  • We play, as a team.

  • We are adventurous and creative.

  • We are humble.

  • We pursue growth and learning.

  • We are the change we seek.